for the fun of learning


I often attempt to explore new concepts by breaking them apart into their components further and further seeking to understand the smaller details. A desire for conversation starters has lead me to document and share some of these explorations as Tinker. Some of you may have come across me in the water/open-data/development space, a lot of what I've written is under these themes, mostly under 'tech-how-tos','data-how-tos', 'scraping and APIs', geography ('gis'/'remote-sensing') and some ideas/concepts in development that I'm excited about! While these are important to me, however I don't like to see myself as only these things. Over time I imagine I will write much more of personal, in addition to just professional.

Majority of content can be found under 'Blog' and planned content can be found under 'Themes'. I'm using To Do lists on Trello to plan. Feel free to leave your input there on future blogposts or suggest new ones.Especially if you're doing interesting work >>, (i'm biased towards the natural & social sciences) and you need any technical help, feel free to email me at [email protected] Working on projects is added motivation for me to learn.

A few of my projects

Visit my to-do list to help me plan new ones